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Know you need a new roof, but don't know what it will cost or where to start?

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Solar panel calculator

Solar panel calculator

Calculate solar costs and savings for your home with our partner, SolarReviews.

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Roofing calculator

Roofing calculator

Estimate roof replacement costs for your home with

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Rewiring America's
Inflation Reduction Act Savings Calculator

How much money can you qualify for with the Inflation Reduction Act?

Get a better understanding of how the IRA can help you improve and electrify your home, by swapping out older, less-efficient technologies for newer electric ones. Click the button below to see your potential savings.

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Every home will eventually need updates. We’re here to make them more affordable.

Why use home improvement financing instead of home equity loans or credit cards

Home equity loans can have lower interest rates — but require lots of paperwork, an appraisal and have a lengthy approval process. And new homeowners may not have enough equity built up in their homes. Credit cards can have higher interest rates, but are fast and easy to use. However, credit card payments spread over longer periods of time may dramatically increase the total cost after interest.

Interest rates for home improvement loans typically fall in the middle — and the process is fast, easy to apply for and offers long-term repayment options.

Common topics and frequently asked questions

Understanding Liens & Selling Your Solar Home

Mosaic only has a lien on your solar panels and associated equipment, not on your home.

How the Federal Tax Credit Works

Learn how the federal solar tax credit can make going solar an even better deal.

3 Common Home Improvement Financing Options

Common financing options include home equity financing, credit cards and home improvement loans.

Borrower Support

For all existing customers' questions and needs:

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Homeowner Safeguards

As an industry leader, we are committed to safeguarding homeowners and supporting our contractors with best-in-class practices. Our policies, systems and processes provide homeowners peace of mind as they invest in sustainable home improvements.

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Contractor Standards

Our evaluation process holds the contractors on the Mosaic platform to high standards of quality and dependability. We monitor contractors and take action when necessary for those who do not meet our standards.

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Welcome Call

After signing loan documents, homeowners receive a Welcome Call. This process verifies the borrower's identity and ensures they understand the fundamentals of their new loan, including loan details such as expected monthly payment amount and repayment terms.

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Price-Per-Watt Monitoring

Mosaic proactively flags projects that exceed our defined price-per-watt limit and will ask installers for additional documentation before proceeding. We then work with our contractors to successfully update the transaction and improve the customer's experience.

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Training & Resources

All contractors that offer financing through Mosaic and use our portal participate in a standards evaluation and comprehensive training sessions to deliver a stellar experience to homeowners.

What our customers say...


The customer service representative was extremely courteous, thoughtful and efficient. The quick, thorough and informative process made me feel that Mosaic was the right company to work with my family on such an important investment.

Byron, Moncks, SC


Easy to reach for any questions and very knowledgeable employees. Pleasant, easy to work with and they actually answer questions. Other companies need to take their lead to see what customer service should still be.

Marilyn, Sulphur, LA


The experience was as easy as I could expect. Personal, efficiently done and informative. Much appreciated.

Marie, Hayward, CA