Ask your contractor if they offer Mosaic financing options

We work directly with contractors to help their homeowner customers make energy-efficient home improvements.

If you already have a loan through Mosaic:

Every home will eventually need updates. We’re here to make them more affordable.

Why use home improvement financing instead of home equity loans or credit cards

Home equity loans can have lower interest rates — but require lots of paperwork, an appraisal and have a lengthy approval process. And new homeowners may not have enough equity built up in their homes. Credit cards can have higher interest rates, but are fast and easy to use. However, credit card payments spread over longer periods of time may dramatically increase the total cost after interest.

Interest rates for home improvement loans typically fall in the middle — and the process is fast, easy to apply for and offers long-term repayment options.

Common topics and frequently asked questions

Understanding Liens & Selling Your Solar Home

Mosaic only has a lien on your solar panels and associated equipment, not on your home.

How the Federal Tax Credit Works

Learn how the federal solar tax credit can make going solar an even better deal.

3 Common Home Improvement Financing Options

Common financing options include home equity financing, credit cards and home improvement loans.