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Solar Power World | March 21, 2024
Tuning homeowners into the IRA’s many tax incentives

Despite the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a large number of homeowners have not taken advantage of the tax incentives. This presents a unique opportunity for contractors to tie these tax savings into their customer offerings. Educating homeowners on the benefits of the potential tax incentives will drive sales and improve cost savings for consumers interested in electrification products — creating a consumer mindset shift that will positively impact our industry and help us reach our climate goals.

POWER Magazine | December 26, 2023
Rooftop Solar Important Piece of Fight Against Climate Change

The U.S. is facing energy and climate challenges on multiple fronts. Rising energy costs, extreme weather events, and a transition away from fossil fuels have placed increasing pressure on governments and consumers.

Residential solar is a compelling, multi-purpose solution that continues to experience rapid adoption among Americans. Six GW of home solar was installed in 2022,

Global Capital logo
Global Capital | November 15, 2023
Mosaic: Triple-A solar ABS opens door to new investors

After Mosaic became the first solar ABS issuer to receive a rating upgrade of triple-A, Richard Johns, our Chief of Funding, sat down with GlobalCapital to discuss the significance of the achievement.

Solar Builder | June 26, 2023
Keys to seamless solar sales, fewer cancellations

Fifteen years ago, when I sold solar at the kitchen table, I had to convince people that solar power actually worked. That time is over. People now understand the benefits of clean energy, which lets solar professionals today focus on optimizing customer experience and getting more projects energized.

Communication is one of the most important tools for your business.