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PV Magazine | July 21, 2022
How Mosaic is able to accelerate growth in uncertain times

Just under two months after achieving $7 billion in loans funded through the company’s platform, Mosaic has eclipsed the $8 billion mark in loans funded and is nearing its goal of helping more than 1 million people prosper from clean energy.

2022 has been a trying year for many in the solar industry,

Solar Builder | May 3, 2022
Three key philosophies to simplify solar sales

When I tell people that I’m the general manager of solar and storage at Mosaic, and that I’ve worked in the solar industry for nearly 15 years, many people assume that I studied electrical engineering. They’re always surprised when I tell them that I have a master’s degree in philosophy.

Solar Builder | March 7, 2022
Baby boomers are hesitant solar customers – here’s how to win them over

Baby boomers are the second-largest generation — and represent a vast, underserved customer base for the solar industry. On top of their sheer numbers, studies show that energy consumption increases with age, and that 77.8 percent of baby boomers in the United States are homeowners.

Authority Magazine logo
Authority Magazine | January 25, 2022
Billy Parish Of Mosaic On 5 Ways That Businesses Can Help Promote The Mental Wellness Of Their Employees

Asa part of my series about the “5 Ways That Businesses Can Help Promote The Mental Wellness Of Their Employees” I had the pleasure of interviewing Billy Parish.

Billy Parish is a problem solver at heart,