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Help your customers maximize their purchasing power with industry-leading financing options for roofing projects.

Lead every conversation with confidence.

Mosaic financing options help homeowners pay for energy-efficient roofing to protect their home, plus up to 30% of funding is available for additional home improvements like an electric heat pump. So you can close bigger deals and your homeowners can feel good about staying within budget.




Roof Decking


Ridge Vents

Attic Fans


Flexible and affordable roof financing options for homeowners. Higher ticket sales and business margins for you.

Contemporary home with an EV in the driveway

Homeowners go green

  • Home improvement financing up to $55,000
  • A range of competitive APRs and low monthly payments
  • Bundle solar-and-battery financing with the same terms and pricing
  • Bundle up to half the amount of a solar loan for a new roof
Workers installing a new roof

Contractors make green

  • Multiple financing programs to meet your company’s unique needs
  • Simple financing app for a smooth sales process
  • Near-instant pre-qualification decisions
  • Expert sales support and training

Why Mosaic?

Near-instant pre-qualification decisions, dedicated support teams and innovative financial products.

Solar home with Mosaic

Mosaic has more experience than any other solar financing options platform.

Approved document

More than 90% of stip submissions reviewed within 10 minutes via email or phone.

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A variety of financial programs to meet your company’s unique needs.

The power of selling solar with roofing.

Solar customer acquisition can be costly, but there’s zero acquisition cost when a roofer flips a reroof into a solar project, creating an easy upsell opportunity. Smart roofers and solar installers are actively looking for company partners to share projects and leads. Check out these five interesting facts about solar and roofing.

Matthew Krom

“My favorite thing about partnering with Mosaic is our ability to offer incredible competitive financing for our consumers while making the process seamless and stress-free. Mosaic has actually helped us grow our company because we get a lot of customers that will take a look at their financing options before they are even ready to buy and it’s amazing to see how much it helps them make a decision.”

Matthew Krom, RROC Exteriors

Mike Molloy

“Time is of the essence, we’re sales driven and we don’t have time to mess around with a million different apps. Mosaic’s ease of processing our applications is key, and we’re using Mosaic more and more because of that.”

Mike Molloy, SoCal Climate Control

Integrated technology to level up your business.

Get near-instant pre-qualification decisions from anywhere, on any device with our industry-leading API.

Rise above the roofing competition.

Offer your customers the best with financing options through Mosaic.