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A simpler platform creates a simpler financing experience.

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A quicker, simpler and more streamlined Portal — helping you get what you need to succeed faster.

Seamless sales transactions from any device.

So you can provide quotes, obtain pre-qualification decisions and finalize loan terms from anywhere.

A Pre-Qualify Now button.

So you can start the pre-qualification application process without having to create the opportunity.

Near-instant pre-qualification decisions and loan agreement signatures via text or email.

So you can close deals faster.

An enhanced pipeline and simple navigation.

So you can streamline your process and keep projects moving quickly.

Improved search and filter features.

So you can organize customer data for easier reporting.

Intelligent workflows with pipeline-integrated To Do's.

So you can keep your focus where it’s needed most.

SwiftLink access across all loan products.

So you can speed up project creation.

Access to the Mosaic Financing API.

So you can integrate your business with the manufacturer, distributor and SaaS partner platforms you use every day.

Green light more green projects with the Mosaic Portal.

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