Offer simple, seamless financing options for solar and battery projects.

Help your customers maximize their purchasing power with the solar financing platform that helped launch the industry.

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Why Mosaic?

Near-instant pre-qualification decisions, dedicated support teams and innovative financial products.

Mosaic experience

With more experience than any other solar loan platform, Mosaic offers better financial products to meet market needs.

Stip review

More than 90% of stip submissions are reviewed within 10 minutes via email or phone.

Multiple programs

One-size-fits-all financing doesn’t work, that’s why we offer multiple financial programs to meet your customers’ needs.

The best way to go green.

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Homeowners go green

  • Loans up to $135,000 with competitive APRs
  • Financing up to $75,000 for battery storage
  • Bundle solar-and-battery financing with the same terms and pricing
  • Bundle up to half the amount of a solar loan for a new roof
Residential solar installers

Contractors make green

  • Multiple financing programs to meet your company’s unique needs
  • Simple financing app for a smooth sales process
  • Near-instant pre-qualification decisions
  • Expert sales support and training

Financing options for all homeowner needs.

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For homeowners who want to add solar and have the CHOICE to take advantage of the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

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For homeowners who want to add solar PLUS make other home improvements, like replacing their HVAC, roof, doors or windows.

Homeowner looking at solar on their roof


For homeowners who want solar financing that offers ZERO payments for 12 months.*

Grow your business with financing that leads the Industry.

ZERO is a solar-industry first: financing with zero payments for 12 months**.

* Not currently available.

** No payments for 12 months – interest will be charged from the start of loan if the principal balance is not paid in full within 12 month deferred interest period.

SolarApp+ streamlined permitting.

SolarApp submit

Submit application and design specifications through SolarApp+.

Solar permits

Code compliant applications are issued a permit instantly after fee payment.

SolarApp win-win

SolarApp+ reduces solar install costs and time — a win-win for the industry!

Steve Brooke

“Mosaic has greatly helped me grow my business by providing the sales team with a very user-friendly portal with quick customer approvals and easy to send loan documents.”

Steve Brooke, Baker Electric Home Energy

Chris Moran

“Mosaic has worked with us to customize our product offerings, allowing us to continue to fuel our growth.”

Chris Moran, Solar Negotiators

Mike Molloy

“We’re sales driven and don’t have time to mess around with different apps. Mosaic’s ease of processing our applications is key.”

Mike Molloy, SoCal Climate Control

An approval process that delivers.


All verified household income counts toward approvals



Is not part of underlying credit decision


SSN or ITIN is accepted


STIP rate is less than 5% for all other credit scores

Integrated technology makes it easy. Learn more about the Mosaic Portal.

Customize our industry-leading app to sell solar like a pro – get near-instant prequalification decisions from anywhere, on any device.

Harness every hard-earned opportunity.

Simplify your solar sales. Grow your business.