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Everything you need to know about the IRA and Mosaic

What is the Inflation Reduction Act?

The Inflation Reduction Act, or IRA, is the largest clean energy legislation ever passed in the United States. Effective Jan 1, 2023, its tax credits and rebates make upgrades like solar panels, heating and cooling systems and energy efficient improvements accessible to more households. Contractors are essential in maximizing these benefits and helping more homeowners transition to cost-saving clean energy alternatives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Rewiring America on an education coalition to spread the word on what the Inflation Reduction Act can offer.

Included below are some helpful resources to get you started:

  • Webinar and FAQ for solar installation professionals
  • Webinar and FAQ for home improvement contractors
  • Downloadable infographic – 5 ways the IRA will benefit homeowners
  • Rewiring America’s IRA savings calculator, fact sheets and guide
Join Ari Matusiak (CEO of Rewiring America and co-founder and managing partner of Purpose Venture Group) and Patrick Moore (COO of Mosaic) for two informative sessions on the Inflation Reduction Act and what it means for you and your customers.
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The Inflation Reduction Act’s tax credits and rebates will allow more households to prosper from sustainable home improvements. Homeowners who understand the law’s economic benefits are more likely to take on new — and higher-ticket — projects.

As a contractor, make sure you work the IRA incentives into your sales pitch to close more deals and help homeowners navigate their possible savings.

The infographic below outlines basic information on the incentives. This is just a starting point. Homeowners should always consult resources like tax professionals to gain more insight into how they can best benefit.

1. retroactive to Jan. 1, 2022. 2. retroactive to Jan. 1, 2022. 3. For one taxable year, the credit cannot exceed $1,200 for the amount paid for energy efficiency improvements installed. The cap increases to $2,000 for electric or high-efficiency natural gas heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, $600 for windows, $500 for doors, and $150 for Home energy audits. There are no income restrictions on these tax credits. These tax credits will start in 2023. 4. Maximum rebates available will vary by state and by income level. Incentives may be additive, depending on rebate programs and rebates are available on a first-come-first-served basis starting January 2023. 5. Rebates subject to adjustments.

Explore the Rewiring America IRA savings calculator, fact sheets & more

How much money can your homeowner customers qualify for with the Inflation Reduction Act?

Help your customers understand how the IRA can help them improve and electrify their home, by swapping out older, less-efficient technologies for newer electric ones. Click the button below and share this helpful savings calculator with your customers.

The Rewiring America
IRA fact sheets

Get important information on High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate programs, 25C and 25D residential tax credits, as well as what the Inflation Reduction Act means for contractors, electrification and more.

The Rewiring America
Guide to the IRA

The Inflation Reduction Act is full of incentives to help your homeowner customers go electric. Help them get more information on maximizing savings, find equipment overviews, case studies, a checklist and more.