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More homeowners say “yes”
when they can see a finish line.

Whether the job is part of a larger renovation plan or came up unexpectedly, homeowners want you to help them solve the problem. If they want it done, they’ll eventually find the money for a contractor. When you offer financing options right there in the moment — it’s more likely that you’ll land the job.

Home Remodeling
The best home improvements on the simplest platform.

Upgrading a home takes money. But the value that’s added to the home is immediate. By offering financing options, you’re able to help homeowners see their home for everything it could be.

Helping your customers pay for an HVAC system is a breeze.

Homeowners always want things done quickly. But when someone needs air conditioning, they need it done ASAP. Financing options with instant pre-approval lets them make that decision to buy immediately.

Solar Panels
Show customers how solar pays for itself.

Your clients know solar energy will save them money. But getting started takes an upfront investment that keeps people from their goal. With Mosaic, you can offer financing options to help homeowners get there.

Whether it’s an upgrade, renovation or repair, your customers want to make their homes better.

Offer financing options and show how an affordable monthly payment makes their dream home possible.

Mosaic is fast, simple, and trusted
by contractors everywhere.

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