3 Reasons to Sell Solar with Roofing

Solar panels and roofing replacements go hand in hand — and both industry professionals and homeowners can benefit from combined projects. With new technologies like the solar shingles that combine solar and roofing materials, the popularity of bundling these two home improvements is only expected to rise.

Whether you choose to become a certified expert in both solar and roofing — or partner with a company to share projects and leads, here are three reasons to sell solar with roofing.

The benefits for homeowners

Happy customers = a happy, thriving business. Homeowners can save on solar if they bundle it into a roof repair. Replacing roofing before solar panel installation also increases the longevity of the system and leads to less costly maintenance over time — reducing project timelines and giving homeowners peace of mind.

With 2.3 million families requiring roofing replacements in the next decade, a new roof is the perfect time to add solar. In the same vein, if roofing is in disrepair, it can slow down the solar project timeline and lead to more costly repairs in the future.

The ease of a combined sale

Solar panels need a well-functioning roofing before installation can happen. Pairing roofing with solar reduces the need to remove and re-install the panels, which is a costly and preventable issue. It also provides opportunities for upsells that lead to higher ticker margins and help homeowners benefit from more energy-efficient upgrades, saving them money in the long run.

Logistics are simpler when dealing with one company and one project timeline over two. The possibility of bundling solar and roofing into one loan with one payment plan offers one easy, affordable monthly payment — and avoids possible higher APR rates for home upgrades.

The innovation of solar shingles

The innovation of solar shingles, such as the Timberline Solar Roof, is a game changer for the industry. Solar shingles can bring down the price of combined solar and roofing — especially with affordable monthly payments, making solar more accessible to more families.

Shingles are a great upsell opportunity for contractors. They are also an alternative for those concerned with the aesthetics of traditional solar panels and for homeowners in a restrictive HOA or those with multi-sloped roofs. GAF Energy has expanded the production capacity of the solar roof product to 300 megawatts per year, good news for those interested in the new technology.

Make sure your solar or roofing business is on top of the combined solar and roofing project benefits. Whether customers need a new roof, just panels or opt for the innovative solar shingle technology, Mosaic financing options can help them afford it. And don’t forget to check out our video, 5 facts about selling solar with roofing. It has a handful of great stats to add to your sales pitch!

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