5 Facts About Selling Solar with Roofing

Solar panels and roofing replacements are two different home improvement projects, but they often intersect. Panels are installed on roofs, making the quality and age of the homeowner’s roof an important part of the project. Homeowners can also save on solar if they bundle it into roof repair. And new technologies are surfacing from companies like GAF Energy and Certainteed that combine solar and roofing in their solar shingle products.

Solar customer acquisition can be costly, but there’s zero acquisition cost when a roofer flips a reroof into a solar project, creating an easy upsell opportunity. Smart roofers and solar installers are actively looking for company partners to share projects and leads.

Other contractors choose to become a certified expert in both solar and roofing — which helps them close more deals and gain advantage in the market.

Check out these five interesting facts about solar and roofing.

Solar with Roofing Infographic

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