3 Strategies to Lower Project Cancellation Rates During Solar Permitting

Permitting is an important part of any solar installation, but one that can cause installers and homeowners anxiety. Delays during permitting can lead to a higher chance of cancellations and unhappy customers.

Here are three strategies to help the solar permitting process go smoothly and lower the risk of cancellations.

Tip 1: Follow up with your customers

  • Remember that lines of communications will increase customer satisfaction, especially when hang ups inevitably happen. Be honest and educate customers about the permitting timeline and requirements.


  • Maintain multiple touch points with solar customers. Utilize CRM tools like automated emails at various project milestones. Set reminders to complete follow up calls after a certain number of days without project progression.


  • Personalize your communications. Automatic greetings save time and are great for general updates, but including some person-to-person conversation helps avoid project issues and creates a stronger customer relationship.

Tip 2: Offer immediate value

  • Provide “freebies” like alarm systems or smart thermostats to give immediate value to customers.


  • Free gifts show homeowners that their project and their satisfaction is top of mind. It offers a benefit while they wait for the larger benefits that solar panels will bring.


  • It’s also a positive method of interacting with customers throughout the sometimes frustrating process of receiving permits. Building a solid customer relationship and strengthening the lines of communication as mentioned in tip one.

Tip 3: Make permitting as seamless as possible

  • Use automated solar permitting solutions like SolarApp+ if it’s available in your area. And if it’s not yet available, advocate to your local representatives to make it happen!


  • Build positive relationships with permitting officials and keep open lines of communication to encourage smoother conflict resolution.


  • Familiarize your designers with jurisdictional requirements to ensure permit applications are approved on the first submission.

While permitting can be a tricky part of the solar project, strong communication and planning ahead can make it less painful for everyone involved. We hope these strategies can reduce cancellation rates and help solar companies succeed in the long-term.

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