Courageous Creativity at Mosaic

Courageous Creativity at Mosaic

Innovation has always been at the core of Mosaic’s identity. Founded as as solar crowdfunding startup, we went on to build the leading platform for home solar loans in America – and now we’re bringing game-changing speed and simplicity to home improvement financing, with innovations like our new home improvement loan mobile app for pro contractors. This innovative spirit is also enshrined in the 8 values of Mosaic’s workplace culture: specifically, what we call “Courageous Creativity.” We are creating the future, and innovation requires us to take risks, learn from our mistakes, and approach problems with fresh perspective and childlike curiosity.

We seek to foster this value in our work every day, but we also love to cultivate and share our creativity with special events throughout the year – including two of our favorites in the past two months.

The Mosaic Art Show

Our team at Mosaic is wildly talented, but a lot of that creativity happens outside the office. So once a year, we hold a Mosaic Art Show to celebrate those non-financing-related talents right here at our Oakland headquarters.

We held the most recent Mosaic Art Show on September 7th, and it was a treat to see all the different forms of creativity on display, including:

Painting and photography:

Courageous Creativity at Mosaic team art


Courageous Creativity at Mosaic team music

And even henna tattoos!

It’s always amazing to see (and hear) everyone’s “hidden talent,” and sharing these often-personal art practices helps us to connect on a deep level.

Mosaic Hackathons

Of course, courageous creativity isn’t just about the arts at Mosaic. We’re trying to simultaneously disrupt two of the biggest industries in the world – energy and finance – and if we’re going to succeed we need to bring all of that creativity to bear on our business, too.

That’s why we have quarterly Mosaic Hackathons, where our team members come together for a daylong push to come up with creative ideas for addressing some of the most important issues we face – as a company, or, sometimes, as a planet.

For example, at our most recent Hackathon, Mosaicians tackled business problems in areas including back-end automation and UX design, with a particular focus on our new mobile app. You can see a few of our winners below, along with prizes that each symbolize one of our 8 workplace culture values – from left to right, “Work With Joy,” “Look for the Win-Win,” Openness and Transparency,” and “Courageous Creativity.”

Courageous Creativity at Mosaic team plush

Our founder and CEO Billy Parish joined in the hack too, and his team won the category for “Be a Steward” with their Navajo Nation Solar Project. The project sought to find ways to originate and finance solar systems for Navajo Nation families that currently lack access to electricity at home, including work on a mobile application, underwriting strategy, and an installer partnership model.

Courageous Creativity at Mosaic team photo

Mosaic’s Innovative Home Improvement Financing

All of these efforts to bring together a courageously creative team at Mosaic recently paid off with the launch of our new mobile app for pro contractors, one of the biggest and most important new products we’ve ever put together. By helping contractors close deals faster with instant credit decisions on home improvement loans and a clean, simple interface, we think it will be a game-changer for financing 100% modern, energy-efficient home upgrades.

Is this the kind of creative, innovative workplace you’d like to join?

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