Values for a 100% Workplace Culture

Values for a 100% Workplace Culture

From its first days, Mosaic’s goal has been to bring people together to build something greater than all of us: a 100% clean energy present (not future) that empowers everyone to prosper from protecting the planet. It’s in our DNA – after all, we started as a solar crowdfunding company, and now we’re providing one-stop financing for homeowners to create their own 100% modern homes.

That inspiring vision isn’t just about the why, when, and what we’re doing, though – it’s also about how we do it and who we do it with. The fact is, our mission involves revolutionizing two of the biggest industries in the world: energy and finance. That’s not an easy goal, and to accomplish it, we need to attract not only the best talent but the right kind of people – and that involves building the right kind of workplace culture.

On a basic level, this means valuing the well-being of our colleagues, and providing the kind of benefits that help us work with joy – including a monthly commuter allowance, generous paid time off policies, free gym membership, and 14 weeks of paid parental leave.

Of course, there are lots of tech companies doing these things for their employees nowadays, especially in the Bay Area. What makes Mosaic different?

Articulating Our Values

What sets Mosaic apart is a workplace culture that takes these principles further: by not just valuing our colleagues, but by articulating and embodying our values in the team members we choose to hire as well as in the workplace culture we build every day.

In future posts, we’re going to shine a spotlight on how those values manifest in the typical day, week, month, and year of a Mosaic team member. But first, let’s start by articulating exactly what those values are – all eight of them.

Look for the win-win.

The best solutions create abundance for all stakeholders. We don’t play zero-sum games.

Courageous creativity.

We are creating the future. Innovation requires us to take risks, learn from our mistakes, and approach problems with fresh perspective and childlike curiosity. 

Work with joy.

Happy people are more creative, collaborative, and effective. We’re committed to making a company people love to work at and with.

Be a steward of our planet and customers.

We want to leave the world in a better place than we found it. That means we guard our customer’s interests, the environment, and each other.

Teamwork is the dreamwork.

We trust each other and build honest relationships. Great work can’t be done alone.

Openness and transparency.

To open up the finance and energy markets to millions of people, we must be open ourselves. We earn trust by communicating honestly about our products, policies, and decisions.

Be in service and empower others.

Our customers are our heroes. We’re driven to help them succeed. Leadership is not defined by what others do for you but what you do for others.

We are a mosaic.

Like a tile mosaic, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We value a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives and experience. We believe in equitable treatment and respect for all individuals.

Joining Our Team

Again, we’ll be exploring how we manifest these values at Mosaic in a series of future posts – but if you’re already intrigued, we’re hiring!

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