Recheck launches industry registry of solar salespeople and installers

Recheck, a verification platform for the residential solar industry, announced the launch of its industry registry in partnership with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and other solar finance, contractor and technology partners. The first platform of its kind, Recheck offers an industry-wide registry of residential solar salespeople and installers to guarantee the highest standards of customer experience for families nationwide wanting to transition to cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives.

Recheck’s founding partners include nearly every U.S. residential solar financing company, including Dividend Finance, Freedom Forever, GoodLeap, Mosaic, Palmetto, Sungage Financial, Sunlight Financial and Sunrun.

The foundation of the Recheck platform is a Recheck ID, an ID-verified unique identification number that allows contractors, financiers and technology platforms to confirm that their partners meet certification, licensing and training requirements in order to provide the highest-quality customer experience. This unique Recheck ID, in combination with SEIA’s upcoming standards, will also offer each participating sales representative and installer the ability to complete an objective third-party certification, enabling them to differentiate themselves based on validated training and best practices.

Additionally, Recheck will facilitate industry-wide data exchanges across the platform. These data exchanges can be used by industry companies to vet sales partners, prevent poor practices by unregistered salespeople and identify individuals with a history of consumer protection violations who try to move from company to company.

“A healthy solar industry is vital to consumers and the U.S. energy transition. Recheck is proud of its founding partners and is committed to building the tools to ensure long-term trust with consumers,” said Tim Trefren, Recheck co-founder and CEO.

The U.S. residential solar industry has grown by over 500% in the past decade, delivering energy savings, more reliable power, and greater control over their energy future to millions of families nationwide. For years, industry leaders have prioritized consumer protection to forge strong, long-lasting relationships with customers and build a clean energy future together. This innovative partnership helps companies further strengthen these relationships by providing customers with increased understanding and confidence when making residential solar investment decisions.

Before Recheck, there was no national, industry-wide system for finance, contractor and technology partners to track individual salespeople conduct, enforce industry consumer-protection standards, and improve transparency in customer interactions. Industry leaders have united to implement Recheck’s market-driven solution, ensuring the residential solar industry continues to thrive across the country.

“This is a critical partnership as SEIA works to make sure every solar installation in the United States is safe, reliable and meets customer expectations,” said SEIA president and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper. “Solar remains America’s most popular form of energy and will be installed on 10 million homes by 2030. It’s our job to make sure the solar and storage industry is accountable to the millions of families that are putting their trust in us to power their lives.”

Recheck launches with the support of SEIA, the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry and a leader in solar consumer protection policy. Recheck and SEIA have formed a partnership to drive the adoption of SEIA’s upcoming American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited Consumer Protection Standard (SEIA 401) and the Recheck registry.

Recheck founding partners will be part of an ongoing advisory board and have committed to driving the adoption of Recheck IDs within their platforms in 2024 and beyond.

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