3 Strategies to Sell Monthly Payments

When you offer customers a low monthly payment, you can reduce sticker shock and help them take on bigger projects. Or when it’s an emergency job, manageable monthly payments can be a huge relief for customers’ budgets.

Make sure you are prepared to include financing options in your sales pitch — so you don’t leave any deals on the table. Check out these three strategies to sell monthly payments.

1. More payment options means more opportunities to close deals

If you are only presenting cash prices to your prospective customers, you could be losing out on deals. With tightened budgets, many homeowners need alternative means to fund their projects. If you don’t offer financing options, you could lose business to competitors that do.

While some customers may prefer the benefits of the cash price, others might opt for budget-friendly monthly payments. Offering multiple options empowers your customers to choose the best financial path for them.

2. Present low monthly payments as the new norm

Consumers today are already using monthly payments to afford larger or recurring purchases. Cars, TV, gym memberships, cell phones all offer monthly payment options.

Positioning home improvement projects in the same way can match your customer’s mindset and budget goals. It’s been shown that monthly payments increase the average ticket size between 30% and 50% in retail situations. Offering a monthly payment plan may help customers start bigger projects — and help you close bigger deals!

3. Use clear examples to show the benefits of financing options

One simple and effective way to empower your customers in their home improvement projects is to lay out different monthly payment amounts. This way, customers can easily see how their project can fit into their budget.

Financing options don’t change the upfront project amount, but they do make payments more manageable. For example a $10,000 project can become a $200 monthly payment, making the project easier for customers to take on. With different APR rates and loan tenures, contractors and customers can work together to find which monthly amount will work best.


It’s a contractor's job to make sure that customers understand all their payment options. Monthly payments can help your customers better understand their buying power.

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