4 Solar Battery Sales Tips 

Solar battery storage sales are gaining momentum. According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), nearly 30% of all new solar systems will be paired with storage by 2027 — compared to under 10% in 2022. And in California alone, Wood Mackenzie projects that solar battery projects will rise from 11% today to over 80% by 2027.

Policy changes and homeowners’ growing desire for energy resiliency are two factors increasing battery storage sales. Yet, despite the benefits, the added project cost of solar batteries can deter some customers. It’s up to solar professionals to explain the value of battery storage.

Here are 4 tips to help you start the conversation with your customers!

1. Customize your pitch

Battery storage has different value-props for different customers. Extreme weather conditions? Energy resilience is key. High utility rates? Storage can offset time-of-use rates and save money. For most, battery storage can be an expensive, but worthwhile add. Be honest with customers about the value of solar batteries and help them decide whether this is the right move for them.

2. Bundling is (usually) best

It’s easier to do one sale than two. Adding battery storage in your solar system design can save customers a hassle down the road. Including storage in the original system design can help with proper sizing and appearance of the system. It can also offset labor costs, saving your customers money.

3, Follow up with customers 

If battery storage isn’t in a customer’s initial budget, be sure to follow up with them at a later time. Perhaps the customer needed more time to decide or they realized the benefits of adding a battery. Maybe circumstances or policy changes like the net tariff changes have encouraged them to take the next step. Helping them maximize their system at any time can lead to better reviews and more referrals.

4. Don’t count out standalone sales

Most battery sales accompany solar panels, but don’t count out customers who just want a battery for backup during an outage. In cases where shorter outages are common, battery storage can provide a safer backup than relying on a generator. In certain cases, standalone storage can also help reduce electric bills — a main motivator for battery-only customers.

Solar professionals can easily break into the potential of solar battery storage sales. Make sure to customize your approach, lead with the positives and stay flexible in your sales process when challenges arise for the most success!

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