Mosaic Celebrates the Women of Mosaic and Our Industry

Women are traditionally underemployed in the finance, technology and energy sectors. At Mosaic, we know that to achieve our vision of 100% clean energy for all, we must build a diverse company. Diversity has proven to enhance creativity, decision making and performance. 

Currently, 45% of the Mosaic workforce and 47% of our leadership team identifies as female. We will continue to hire for diversity and know there is room for all of us — across different companies and sectors — to collectively grow. Women are an essential part of the clean energy movement, and there needs to be more pathways for women to do great work across all industries.

Thank you to all of the talented women at Mosaic. And thank you to all of the women who continue to dedicate their time, energy and insight to a clean energy future.

Workforce statistic sources: energy sector, technology sector, fintech sector, global workforce.

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