The Good/Better/Best Approach to HVAC Sales

As an HVAC contractor, convincing customers they need your product isn’t the hardest part. Everyone wants to keep their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The hard part comes when it’s time to help them make a decision.

There are so many product options available today, with different technologies and models offering varying levels of comfort and operating costs. And in the current economic climate, homeowners might opt for less-efficient units to avoid higher price tags. 

Contractors can help offset this sticker shock by offering a variety of system options, as shown through the Good/Better/Best sales approach. They can also include financing options so customers can choose the ultimate product for their lifestyle on any budget. Whatever the outcome of the sale, it’s the contractor’s job to find the system that works best for the customer — one of the simplest ways is to master the Good/Better/Best approach.

What is the G/B/B approach?

This sales technique presents customers with three (or more) different system options: 

  • The basic model that tends to be the most cost-effective option.
  • A more advanced, middle-priced model. 
  • And a higher priced model that will be more expensive than the first two options, but may offer the best savings long-term.

Here’s a graphic outlining the approach:

Providing customers with options will show them you are looking out for their budget and their lifestyle — not just trying to push the highest ticket items. 

That being said, many times the higher the SEER, the higher the long-term savings. Take time to help customers understand the benefits of high-performance HVAC systems.

How can financing options help the G/B/B approach?

Financing options through Mosaic makes it easy for HVAC contractors to use the tried-and-tested selling technique of “Good, Better and Best.” Presenting the full price difference to customers may make them lean toward the cheaper product. However, low monthly payments can make purchasing the higher quality product more manageable. 

Presenting the options to customers is important because there may only be a $50 or $60 difference between the good and best option. In many cases, this direct comparison of monthly costs and savings can make the “best” option with the highest SEER the most economically appealing case — especially when factoring in energy efficiency and potential savings. Providing customers with the breakdown of these payments makes it easier for them to say ‘yes’ to the best!

Three or more HVAC options with different price points and SEER scores can help customers find a balance between up-front costs and benefits, so they can make purchasing decisions with  greater confidence. Combining this approach with financing options can help your customers afford the perfect system for their household.

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