Mosaic’s Company Values: Teamwork IS the Dreamwork

Teamwork IS the Dreamwork

At Mosaic, we’ve incorporated core company values into the heart of our work – and not just in a vague, feel-good kind of way. In this series of blogs, we’ve specifically outlined eight values we strive to embody in creating a “100%” workplace culture, and we’ve also talked about how we bring joy to our office with regular events that bring us together in profound ways.

That togetherness is key to one of our favorite values: Teamwork is the Dreamwork. We’re trying to build a better world, one home at a time; it’s a dream job, but it’s a big one! Great work can’t be done alone, so we make sure to always trust each other and build honest relationships.

This value infuses our office life in little ways every day. It’s in the way we greet our fellow Mosaicians every morning, it’s in the respect and courtesy we always show each other, it’s in our embrace of shared responsibilities. But we also manifest this value in a much more focused way.

It Takes a Village (Council)

Every month at Mosaic we host an all-hands company meeting that we call the Village Council. Because, even as our company has grown from a handful of team members to over a hundred, at the end of the day we are still a small community that works together and relies on each other to accomplish our goals. Village Councils help us to deepen team alignment and increase engagement by strengthening interpersonal connections across departments.

Teamwork IS the Dreamwork We Got This speaking

To tap into the 100% renewable source of motivation that powers us every day, our CEO Billy Parish leads off every Village Council by grounding us in our vision and mission: 100% clean energy for all, with millions of Americans empowered to prosper from this transition. We’re also reminded of our near-term, 3-year goal of building the #1 provider of financing solutions for the modern home.

Teamwork IS the Dreamwork Billy speaking

Most Council meetings also include multiple speakers from different areas of the company updating the entire team on key mission metrics and how we are tracking to our quarterly OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Many meetings also include small group breakout discussions, so that small teams have the opportunity to provide feedback and input on new products, strategy and initiatives.

Teamwork IS the Dreamwork We Got This discussion

In addition to our business-focused agenda, there is also a lot of love in the room for these meetings. Every meeting includes “values shout-outs,” where team members publicly recognize each other for exhibiting one of the eight Mosaic values in the previous month. We then break into pairs, ideally with someone we don’t typically work closely with, to share and reflect on the value we each want to focus on individually in the coming month.

Teamwork IS the Dreamwork hug

These regular check-ins help to keep our company values alive and present in the fabric of our culture, while bringing us closer together around our shared mission and dreamwork. And, at the end of every Village Council, we literally come together with an all hands in rallying cry: “We got this!”

Teamwork IS the Dreamwork We Got This

Joining Our Dream Team

This teamwork is essential to making Mosaic successful, as well as making it a place where people love to work. And we’re proud to have kept this company value foregrounded in our culture even as the company has grown, thanks to institutions like Village Councils.

Sounds like Mosaic is the team of your dreams? We’re hiring!

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