Living The Mission: Mosaic Team Member Goes Solar!

Take a peek behind the scenes of our Marketing VP, Carol Sewell’s solar installation. Learn more from Carol on why she chose to switch to solar energy. Also, hear from:

  • Jefferson Electric, a full-service electrical contractor that specializes in solar energy, battery storage and EV charging
  • Solar United Neighbors United, a co-op that makes solar accessible to homeowners
  • A Midwestern homeowner who has enjoyed the benefits of solar for more than two years.

“The three big reasons I wanted to go solar was: first, to save the planet. Second, we’ve been having a lot of power failures and we really wanted to have resiliency. And third, we wanted to lock in our energy prices.”

— Carol Sewell, VP of Marketing

Carol talks about why she chose solar panels, the process behind it and addresses some misconceptions about who should adopt solar.

“Not everyone can just pay cash for a system, so financing really comes into the picture and makes it easier to adopt solar.”

— Max Kennerk, Senior Account Manager at Jefferson Electric

Max talks about his transition into the solar industry and how financing options have helped Jefferson Electric grow their business. 

“Solar United Neighbors (SUN) operates in 14 states. Anyone who is remotely interested in solar panels can visit them online. SUN offers tutorials and if someone is interested enough, they can sign up, with no commitment, for the co-op.”

— Ray Wilson, volunteer for Solar United Neighbors Co-Op

Ray discusses the role of solar co-ops in communities, the process and the benefits of going solar. 

“We are seeing a higher trend for batteries, so people can install batteries into their home and that allows them to keep the power that they produce.”

— Sean Staley, Project Manager at Jefferson Electric

Sean outlines the panel installation process and responds to some top solar trends and myths.

“We’ve reduced our annual electrical bills by about 50%”

— Jim Rosensteele, homeowner

Jim, who installed solar on his house two years ago, explains his motivations and the positive benefits he’s already seen from the installation. 

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