Get a Simpler Loan for a Bigger Impact

FINANCING THROUGH MOSAIC makes it easy to control your energy costs, benefitting your bottom line and the environment. Follow your path to energy independence.

Own Your Energy

As electricity prices continue to rise while solar prices are at an all time low, investing in solar panels with a no money down, low cost loan puts the power in your hands, allowing you to lock in your monthly solar electricity cost, and take control of your path to energy independence.

 Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

 Source: GreenTech Media (GTM)

Source: GreenTech Media (GTM)

Save Money

One of the best benefits to a future filled with clean energy, is the positive impact it can have on your pocketbook. Financing through Mosaic is structured so the monthly payment is lower than your electrical bill, saving our average homeowner $30,550* over the life of their solar energy system, sometimes starting right from the time the system is installed. And when you own your own system, you claim all the savings, from the federal tax credit to any state or local incentives. You could also see an increase in the resale value of your home, which for some, can be as much as $20,000 according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Help The Planet

Offering more than just the ability to control energy costs and save money, the transition to energy efficiency, happening all over the world, is aiding the growing push for millions of people to prosper from clean energy. In fact, If you were to join in and became a part of the growing clean energy industry today, over the next 25 years your system will offset 121,676 lbs of carbon (CO2), the equivalent of:


Taking a car off the road for 130,682 miles

Planting 393 trees


Saving 7,994,000 gallons of water used in coal-fired energy production

Find a Contractor

If you haven’t already, inquire with your local solar contractor. Just do a quick online search and ask a contractor in your area if they offer financing through Mosaic.

Our network of local contractors will be happy to schedule an installation, familiarize you with the process and answer any questions you may have.

Save More With the Federal Tax Credit

Financing through Mosaic is structured so that you can take full advantage of
the federal tax credit, which covers up to 30% of the system costs!


What is it?

When you install a solar energy system, the government makes a tax credit available that’s worth up to 30% of the system and installation.

How Does Mosaic Help?

Mosaic makes it easy to improve your home and capture the benefit of your tax credit.

How do I qualify?

The 30% tax credit is available to any US taxpayer that installs solar on their home. Please consult your tax advisor for your individual tax eligibility.

*Savings are based on savings of Mosaic borrowers between 11/3/2014 - 9/30/16 using our 20 year choice rate loan product. Savings depend on credit profile, timely monthly payments and making the prepayment target. Savings are calculated by (Electricity bill before solar) - (Bill after solar + Mosaic loan payment). Savings may vary above or below the average rate based on geography and weather variability particular to your jurisdiction. We assume a solar panel life span of 30 years, a decline in panel production of 0.5% per year, inverter replacements at years 10 and 20, and retail electricity rates increasing 2.18% per year (National average utility bill increase of 2.18% based on EIA data for the last reported 20 years, nationally (1997-2017).