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Offer up to 20-year loan terms with no payments for 12 months*

Dig into the future of heating and cooling

Did you know? Geothermal is a clean energy alternative to heat and cool our homes. The system uses ground loops and heat pumps to exchange heat between the air and the ground, keeping homes at a comfortable temperature.

Why finance through Mosaic

We make geothermal adoption easy for your customers with low monthly payments on geothermal systems, plus more:

HVAC contractor benefits
Contractor benefits
  • 20-year loans mean low monthly payments
  • Fast financing options at the point of sale
  • Easy-to-use platform that seamlessly fits into any pitch
  • Loan re-amortization after the tax credits are applied
  • Staged funding for project milestones
  • Near-instant pre-qualification decisions with soft credit checks**
Homeowner adjusting thermostat
Homeowner benefits
  • Fast financing options at the point of sale
  • Low monthly payments provide more purchasing power
  • Latest technologies and increased durability
  • Better functionality and economic outcomes

* Interest accrues but no monthly payments are due during the promotional period. If the loan is not paid in full during the promotional period, then the interest accrued during the promotional period is capitalized, meaning added to the principal balance, and billed/repaid, with interest, over the life of the loan. This applies to all opportunities created under these prices.

** The soft credit check turns into a hard pull at loan origination.

Start with low monthly payments and help your customers see the savings possibilities of geothermal.

While the weather outside can strain traditional HVAC systems, just a few feet below its surface, the Earth maintains a near-constant temperature year-round. Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of this resource to heat buildings in the winter and cool them in the summer. Low monthly payments can help your customers manage the upfront costs of geothermal systems and tap into these underground energy savings!

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Our app makes it easy to pre-qualify your customers on your own screen right on the spot. Or, you can keep it contact free and text or email them a link.

Get financing that fits any sales process and works from any device. There’s nothing to download; access it from any browser and save a shortcut for instant access.

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