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Solar on the Rise

There is a lie being told. There are people out there who would like you to believe that the solar industry is crumbling. They point to the collapse of Solyndra as hard evidence that green-jobs are a myth, proclaiming that the bankruptcy of this one company was the final nail in our coffin.

These naysayers could not be more wrong. Solar power is making great strides on several fronts, especially in technology and financing. A quick look at some of the most innovative practices in these areas will paint a clear picture of an industry on the rise.

Technologies such as this hybrid solar-panel are proof positive that great things are happening with the way we capture the sun. Naked Energy has designed a panel that utilizes both photovoltaic (PV) technology to produce electricity and vacuum tubes to produce hot water. The PV cells are placed inside the solar tubes in an ingenious feat that merges two panels into one.  Perfect synergy. How can anyone look at this outstanding solar panel and say the industry is collapsing?

There have also been breakthroughs in the efficiency of panels themselves. A North Carolina-based company recently unveiled a solar panel that is a record breaking 33.9 percent efficient. That’s TWICE as efficient as most panels on the market today. As the solar industry continues to make strides at this pace, the evidence for solar power keeps mounting.

Not only is the technology improving, there is a growing social consciousness that comes with this budding movement. Now more than ever people realize that solar in particular, and the green-collar economy in general, must be accessible to the communities that are hurt most by the effects of dirty fossil fuels. One method of making that vision a reality is through financing. There are companies popping up left and right who want to do good by making solar power affordable for you. SolarCity and Sungevity are a few great Bay Area examples of solar powerhouses on the rise.

And then there is Solar Mosaic, who just brought together hundreds of people to create five “rooftop solar power plants.” Keep your eye on Mosaic, now a certified B-Corporation. If there is anything I know, it’s that B-Corporations are the wave of the future in American enterprise. As the next chapter starts for Mosaic, they continue to prove themselves to be on the cutting edge, yet another bright star in the renewable energy movement.

Maybe the reason the solar-haters are so unwilling to accept that solar is the best investment America can make for its future is because it is an opportunity to close the gap, to create new wealth that will empower ALL people. Not just the CEOs. Maybe their opposition is so frantic because they can see we don’t need them or their dirty energy. Solar is on the rise people, and so are we.