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Mosaic Celebrates Surpassing 2,500 Investors With New Feature

Celebrate Mosaic reaching 2,500 investors by referring a friend who will receive $25 towards an investment

In January 2013, 400 people invested more than $300,000 in Mosaic’s first four solar projects. All within 24 hours. Less than a year later, we’re now celebrating more than 2,500 people investing over $5 million in solar projects through Mosaic’s online platform.

Let’s bring on the next 2,500 clean energy investors to Mosaic! To reach this milestone we’re rolling out a new referral program to our existing members. Help support Mosaic by inviting your friends and family to join Mosaic and we’ll give them $25 when they make their first investment.


In less than a year since our first projects were released, Mosaic has enabled investors to fund 19 projects in 6 states. These projects have a collective 18 MW of solar capacity which will offset an estimated 7.4 million lbs of CO2 each year.

Investors have funded solar projects installed on a high school, a convention center, a university housing complex, two farmlands, a community center, a military base, two nonprofits, and two affordable housing complexes.

These projects earn competitive returns with an average annual interest rate of 5%. To date, our investors have earned $63,000 in interest from our projects with 100% on-time payments.


Who are these clean energy investment trailblazers? Our youngest investor is 18 and our oldest is 96! They come from nearly every state in the country (46 to be exact). There are Mosaic investors from Fairbanks, AK to Miami, FL. 40% of our investors are from the Bay Area, but we also have investors from places like Kenosha, WI, Sebastopol, CA, Bethlehem, PA, Sitka, AK, Bloomington, MN, and Canandaigua, NY.

Our investors mention three key reasons why they invest at Mosaic. They appreciate our transparency in knowing where their money is invested, they don’t have to choose between earning a return and making a difference, and they want to be part of the clean energy economy.


At Mosaic we connect investors with high-quality solar projects. We are democratizing clean energy as the first online marketplace to offer solar investments to the public.

As excited as we are about our 2,500+ investors, we know that this is just the start of a world powered by abundant clean energy for and by the people. Our investors have demonstrated the enormous demand for transparent investment products that align with people’s values. If you haven’t yet invested at Mosaic, we invite you to check us out and be part of the next 2,500+. If you’re already part of the 2,500+, then refer your friends to Mosaic and they can get $25!

Together, let’s shine on!


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Jacob Sandry is an Energy Studies scholar at Yale University and a fellow at Mosaic. He has worked in Colorado to protect endangered waterways and in Bolivia to protect animals rescued from the black market. Jacob has been to 5 continents, but originally hails from Minnesota where he developed his appreciation for the environment by camping, hiking, and running.

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