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How You Can Take Climate Action, Even if Politicians Don’t















Did you hear the news? Climate change did not receive a single mention in 360 minutes of presidential and vice presidential debate time. That doesn’t mean we lie down and give up, no no. We stand and continue to take action.

It’s easy to get depressed by the lack of climate solutions coming from Washington. But I don’t let them get me down, I’m too busy saving money and having fun as I take advantage of some sweet 21st century innovation. Did I mention my carbon footprint is falling faster than Felix Baumgartner?
Examples of action

Take Indow Windows, for example. Their window inserts both reduce all that annoying street noise while also saving a ton of money from the heating bill each month. Or what about Zipcar? Not only do I not have to worry about moving my car each week for street cleaning or paying exorbitant insurance bills, I can even take a BMW out for a Sunday spin if I want to impress!

Businesses is getting in on the fun, too. Companies such as Carbon Lighthouse make it easy for you to invest in your business… through your energy expenses. It may be strange to think of an operating expense as an investment opportunity, but that is exactly what many visionary building owners are doing (The Empire State Building, for example). Instead of investing in the volatile stock market, you can invest directly in your building through lighting, heating, and cooling retrofits that on average can offer a return on investment of 10-17%.

This isn’t to say federal support isn’t worth pursuing. Stimulus dollars, building energy codes, and university research support all play crucial roles in developing many of my favorite climate solutions. For those interested in strategically affecting public policy, you have to check out’s upcoming Do the Math tour.

But remember that the best person to make change in your life is you.

Don’t let people rain on your parade with bad news from Washington. Try responding with a smile and tell a story of your favorite climate solution. Because, while public policy is instrumental as a framework, it is up to the public as a people to act.