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Floating Solar Cubes: Pushing the Limits of Solar Technology and Urban Design

Floating solar cube design pushes the envelope

It’s no secret that solar innovations can change the world. Israeli architecture firm Geotectura is on its way to being added to that list with their Urban Tree skyscraper design. The futuristic building features “floating cubes” clustered together and sprouting from steel “stems.” The cubes are wrapped in photovoltaic cells to convert solar rays into energy for the building’s use. Modular and flexible in design, the cubes vary in size and function in order to maximize views and air flows. The tree-like design of the building also minimizes the building’s footprint on the street level.

“This concept of a two helicoid prefabricated infrastructure is like growing an urban tree that improves the dwellers’ quality of life while living in the sky,” says Geotectura.

Why is a conceptual renewable energy architecture design important?

Beginning in 1938, car companies began producing concept cars to showcase new styling and technology while gauging customer reactions to new designs. Over the years some concept cars have gone directly into production, others went through changes before production, and some never saw the light of day again.

Whether concepts come to fruition or not, they push the limit of what people perceive as possible, and in this their objective is achieved. We need more inventors, entrepreneurs, and designers to envision new concepts that change the way we consume resources and interact with our environment. Not all concepts will become reality but who is to say what’s possible?  

Check out these amazing pictures from Geotectura 

Israeli architecture firms make new solar housing

                                   new residences have solar windows

                                    Solar houses from an israeli architecture

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