3 Ways to Boost Customers’ Energy Efficiency

It’s no surprise that with the continual rise of electricity rates, energy savings have been top of mind for homeowners. According to Rewiring America, 80 percent of voters say decreases in their monthly energy costs would have a “Very” or “Somewhat” significant impact on their household budgets.

Energy Awareness Month is the perfect time to talk to your customers about how energy efficiency can lower their utility bills and save them money. We put together three tips to get the conversation started!

1. Explain the cost-benefit of upgrades

Better systems cost more upfront but can save homeowners down the line.

  • Electric heat pumps can reduce usage for heating by up to 50%.
  • Solar panels can lower electricity bills and keep homes cooler.
  • Quality roofing, windows, doors and insulation can limit drafts that waste energy.
  • Battery storage can supply energy year-round.

2. Encourage homeowners to lower their energy usage

Lifestyle changes and energy mindfulness can lower bills.

  • Unplug devices that are not in use.
  • Keep systems serviced so they run at top performance.
  • Lower energy usage in day-to-day activities.
  • Buy certified energy-efficient products. 
  • Work toward total-home electrification to eliminate costly fossil fuels.

 3. Help homeowners start more projects

Share your expertise to help homeowners make more energy-efficient upgrades.

  • Keep projects running on time, so homeowners can see results sooner.
  • Make costly home improvements manageable with financing options.
  • Educate homeowners on future projects that can benefit them. For example, explain the advantages of adding battery storage to current solar panel customers. 
  • Get acquainted with the Inflation Reduction Act. These incentives will help more homeowners start projects. Here’s a webinar to answer some of your questions!

Boosting customers’ energy efficiency helps them save money and helps you grow your business! Add these tips to your sales pitch for a productive and successful Energy Awareness Month. 

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