Mosaic MeetUp 2022

Our team came together last month in Arizona to make meaningful connections across the company. For many of us, it was our first time meeting in person since shifting to a remote-first work environment. We used this time to align on our refreshed company values and collaborate during working sessions on the best ways to achieve our mission. 

We strategized.

From left to right: Melissa Ballenger, Chief Financial Officer; Nagaraju Bandaru, Chief Technology Officer; Tamiko Kikuchi, Chief Product Officer; Patrick Moore, President and Chief Operating Officer and Billy Parish, Founder & CEO.  

We collaborated.

Team members came together to share perspectives, get creative and think about how they could incorporate company values into their daily roles.

We inspired.

Billy Parish, Founder & CEO, shared Mosaic wins and future goals.

We celebrated wins.

Kim McNealy, General Manager, Home Improvement and John Bumgarner, General Manager, Solar and Storage recognized the incredible work of their teams.
Team members congratulated each other on their awards.

We had fun!

Team members performed their creative interpretation of our values.

We came together (like the Mosaic we are) to reiterate our purpose, plan our company’s future and strengthen our goals toward our vision of 100% clean energy for all.

At our closing appreciation circle, we put all of our hands together for our customary, “We got this!”

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