Happy International Women’s Day from Mosaic

This International Women’s Day we’d like to celebrate all of the women professionals making a difference in the fintech industry, and here at Mosaic. 

Women are still underrepresented in the fintech field, accounting for only 30% of the workforce. It has been proven that a “lack of gender diversity in the industry decreases the organizational and financial performance of businesses.” 

Whereas organizations with an equitable amount of women workers see an increase in diverse ideas, unique product improvements and a stronger overall company culture. This pie chart shows the percentage of women employed in the fintech industry compared to the percentage of men.

Source: NS Tech

At Mosaic we continually look for ways to diversify our talent. One initiative is our employee referral program, which pays $2,000 — and twice that amount for hires who are women, persons of color and/or veterans. From product to financing to technology, women are represented in nearly every department across the company.

One of our core values at Mosaic is diversity, which has proven to enhance creativity, decision making and performance. We encourage a range of backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and personalities within our teams.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, highlight the incredible women professionals at Mosaic and inspire the next generation of fintech industry experts, we asked a few Mosaicians the following question:

“What attracted you to work in the fintech industry and would you encourage other women to work in this field? Why?”

Here are some of their responses:

I was attracted to work in fintech as the industry is growing rapidly and provides women (and men) the opportunity to work in fast-paced environments while being collaborative and innovative. Working at Mosaic has provided me with the opportunity to make an impact on the company’s growth as well as on people’s lives and the environment! 

I would absolutely encourage other women to work in the fintech space as it offers an exciting place to work, a creative environment and also provides a tremendous opportunity for career growth. 

-Diane Drago-Cole, Senior Director of Finance

I am a software engineer who was previously a Certified Public Accountant. So both the `Fin` and the `Tech` aspects of the industry are a major attraction to me.

I would definitely encourage others to work in this field because the fintech industry is growing so rapidly. There are many opportunities to transform the financial sector by utilizing cutting-edge technology. On top of that, building a product that helps customers to understand and manage their finances better is a mission that excites me. 

-Yao Li, Senior Software Engineer

I started my career in the banking industry, and I see fintech as its future.

I would encourage anyone who loves challenge and innovation or who wants to creatively solve financial problems to work in this field. It’s fun and makes our lives easier and better!

-Wei Wu, Senior Product Manager

As someone who is passionate about markets, I love that innovation in fintech is democratizing access to financial products.

The added bonus of being at Mosaic is being able to work alongside incredible female leaders who continue to lead innovation efforts, while mentoring and paving a path to success for future women leaders at the firm.

-Henna Samtami, Treasury Manager

My entry into fintech was coupled with my passion for sustainability, which led me to work with smart, motivated individuals. The inspiring women I’ve met in the industry have motivated me to take on unique opportunities and to learn continuously. I absolutely encourage women to work in this field – the current fintech market is exciting and the experiences gained are invaluable.

Liza Romaine, Product Operations Manager

I was originally drawn to fintech because of its ability to help local businesses grow. This, and the creativity and collaboration required on a daily basis keep me in the field.

I highly recommend women consider fintech because regardless of your background, there are ample opportunities to explore. 

-Petra Guiney, Group Manager, Product

We are grateful for our women leaders, creators, strategizers and fintech superstars who are working to drive forward our vision of 100% clean energy for all. Happy International Women’s Day.

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