Signs Your Home Improvement Company is Ready to Offer Financing

With the recent boom in home renovations, your home improvement business may also be growing. For this growth to be sustainable, it’s important that you have practices in place to support your company and your team. You can start by evaluating your customer experiences from opportunity to close — and offering home improvement financing options can play a big role in that. 

Here’s four signs that you may be ready to offer your customers financing options at the point of sale — and improve your homeowners’ overall experience with your company. 

You have a fleet of vehicles

You have branded wraps on those vehicles

You have a dedicated marketing budget

You’re actively using technology

1. You have a fleet of vehicles

If you’ve identified the need to run a fleet of vehicles to your service area, then you also know how important it is to equip this fleet with mobile tools. Your team needs to be able to manage their sales pipeline, offer customers financing options and track projects all from the road. 

You benefit from improved reporting and tracking of your team’s efficiency (which helps you manage your business). Your reps benefit from being able to close deals on the spot with point-of-sale financing options. And your customers benefit from increased buying power and visibility into their project’s timeline. 

2. You have branded wraps on those vehicles

If you’ve invested in branded wraps, then you know the impact of a consistent presence from your team and vehicles in the field. Your fleet may be the first visual experience your customers have with your brand. This vehicle is a representation of your company, your work, your team — and overall image.

The same rings true for your customer’s experience. It’s equally important that you think about how you position home repair financing options in your sales process. You want to make it affordable, which will create a good customer experience that could lead to referrals. When your team has home improvement financing know-how and the latest in fintech, it makes it easier for them to get the job done.

3. You have a dedicated marketing budget

If you’re investing in marketing, you’re serious about growing your business. And if you’re ready to grow your business, you likely want to close more deals — and do so more efficiently. Your marketing plan has sharp messages and speaks directly to your customers, their goals and their pain points. When you offer home improvement financing options at the point-of-sale, you’re helping your customers understand how they can afford the home improvements they need and want. By offering simple, affordable financing options, you are resolving one of their biggest pain points — affordability. Partnering with an expert in the finance business will allow you to offer financing with confidence and get to ‘yes’ faster.

4. You’re actively using technology

When you’re already estimating and selling from technology at the point of sale, then presenting home improvement financing options just makes good sense. Mosaic’s credit application is on many of the platforms you use every day, including a wide range of manufacturers, SaaS companies, distributors and industry associations. Mosaic also offers a sharable, customizable URL credit application that you can use to text, email or link to on your website. Mosaic makes it even easier for you to offer the financing options that your homeowners need.

Power your growth

Are you ready to close more deals and grow your sales with a full-service fintech experience from application, onboarding and selling — to document management, project tracking and pipeline management? Have your financing technology live up to the branded marketing experiences you provide. Mosaic’s flexible financing options can make your sales process seamless and maximize every transaction — right at the point of sale.

Home Improvement Loans through the Mosaic platform are made by WebBank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. 

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