Top 2021 Trends When Financing Windows and Doors

Top 2021 trends for door and window replacement financing

Summer is a popular time for homeowners to upgrade their windows and doors. Some may have noticed how difficult it was to clean older windows during their annual spring cleaning — or even how much more their furniture and carpet had faded without the UV protection newer windows provide. Others may be considering selling their home and looking to up their curb appeal. And all homeowners can benefit from replacing older windows that leak air (or even water). No one wants to deal with water damage, mold and higher utility bills. Regardless of the reason for installing — homeowners will need financing options for window and door replacements.

Offering simple and affordable window replacement financing options can be a powerful tool for contractors to help homeowners kickstart their next home improvement project. Here are a few of the other hot trends motivating home improvement projects and window replacement financing:

Trend #1 — Increased energy usage demands efficiency

According to a 2020 National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) paper, residential utilities increased 10% in the second quarter of 2020. Computers, monitors, lighting, HVACs, etc., were humming on for so many more hours. Additionally, 2020 was one of three hottest years on record, according to a CNBC report. All of this puts more onus on consumers to manage their utility usage — and utility bills.

Homeowners are looking to cut costs where they can. Energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce energy consumption, save money and minimize the impact on the environment. Your customers want financing options for their new windows and doors to be fast and simple. As a contractor, you can open more doors to sales by becoming a Mosaic partner today.

Trend #2 — Need for more natural light

Proper Zoom lighting and seemingly shrinking walls motivate home-bound families with a need for more natural light in the house. Larger-scale and energy-efficient insulated windows and doors are an attractive and popular way to transform a room. If given the choice to work in a sun-drenched or a fluorescent-flooded room, most of us would choose natural light every single time.

Bringing more sunlight into the home provides more mood-boosting vitamin D. Most homebuyers state that they seek a home with ample natural light when house-hunting. As a windows and door contractor, you know this to be true too — and how choosing to upgrade the home with new windows can be a great investment for homeowners in so many ways.

Trend #3 — Seamless transition from indoors to outdoors

The already growing trend of connecting the indoors and outdoors continues to rise with last year’s work-from-home scenarios of the pandemic. Homeowners continue to look for ways to build a separation between work life and home life and to create more space for relaxation and entertainment.

Larger windows — and doors that allow for easy movement through the home — can encourage homeowners to take advantage of the natural airflow that reduces their energy consumption. And easy access to window replacement financing options often becomes an important factor in consumer’s buying decisions.

Trend #4 — Noise reduction

Another emerging trend in windows and doors is optimizing their acoustic performance. With the need for fewer disruptions to work meetings and school lessons, sound control solutions are often top considerations along with energy efficiency. Windows and doors with noise-dampening features can be evaluated by either one of two rating systems: Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC).

Contractors looking to help consumers maximize their buying power can incorporate acoustic considerations in their sales process when offering financing options for windows and doors.

Close more sales with window and door replacement financing options

While window replacement financing options may not be needed every year for homeowners, it’s a powerful way to help customers go from good to better to best for their desired energy-efficient upgrades. With Mosaic’s flexible financing options, contractors can meet homeowners’ unique needs, while also maximizing their buying power and energy savings.

Whether your goal is increasing sales, simplifying operations or getting paid fast, Mosaic can help. Partner with us to offer your customers financing options that will help them quickly and easily install new windows and doors.

* Home Improvement Loans through the Mosaic Platform are made by WebBank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender.

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