3 Ways to Boost Business in the New Year

The New Year is fast approaching and savvy contractors know this is the best time to get strategic about 2024. It’s great practice to add planning sessions into your end-of-year calendar. Don’t fall into the trap of using the same techniques year-over-year with no evaluation — especially as we enter shoulder season. Here are three ideas to jumpstart your thought process.

1. Satisfied customers lead to business

It’s a given that satisfied customers and their referrals lead to more business. Previous studies show that up to 84% of purchase decision-makers start with a referral. Referral programs can encourage customers to spread the word if they benefited from your work. Make sure the referral process is clear and easy to follow, so it fits into busy customer schedules. 

Referrals are only possible through satisfied customers. Keep up with project timelines and communicate with customers about setbacks. John Bumgarner, Mosaic Chief Revenue Officer suggests that project coordinators call customers weekly to show that customer satisfaction is the priority.

2. Testimonials are powerful tools

Testimonials go hand and hand with referrals. A recent Mosaic survey showed that internet searches and customer reviews influence homeowner decision-making just as much, if not marginally more, than direct recommendations!

Create a customer testimonial page that shows up in internet searches. Show off your success stories by adding them to your website, social media, on hand outs or in your email signatures. It's a simple, powerful way to show your expertise and reliability. Satisfied customers sharing authentic, positive stories around their electrification journey help inform future customers about your reliability and expertise.

3. Understand homeowner motivations

Understanding motivations is key to closing more deals. Homeowners with one clean energy upgrade are more likely to start future upgrades. Understanding that one clean energy purchase leads to another can drive upsell opportunities. Be informed and ready to help your customers along on their electrification journey.

Comfort, necessity, cost savings and environmental action are all reasons why customers choose to start home upgrades. Different generation groups often hold different motivations. Our recent infographic dives into these motivations deeper and can be a starting point for your research.

The home improvement industry is a busy field, but make sure to set aside time to develop your business plan before the new year arrives. With a bit of brainstorming, strategy and creativity you can hit the ground running in 2024 — and set your business up for its most successful year yet.

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