Happy Veterans Day

Today, we want to recognize the Mosaician team members, partners and homeowners who have served in the U.S. armed forces.

According to the Department of Energy, The U.S. clean energy power industry employs veterans at a higher rate than the national average.

We spoke to a few team members who have served our country and now serve our planet by making clean energy accessible and affordable to more families. Read on to see why they were drawn to serve and why they enjoy working at Mosaic now.

I decided to serve because of my family: I am a 3rd generation U.S. Navy Veteran. I found Mosaic because I wanted to work for a company that believes in their core values and has a clean energy mission.

-Najah Z., Partner Communications Specialist

“I felt a patriotic duty to serve, both my dad and grandfather served before me. It was an incredible opportunity to learn team leadership. 

I’d absolutely recommend the clean energy/sustainable home improvements industry to veterans— for the team environment, for the professional growth, to be part of something bigger than our individual selves.”

-Kim M., General Manager, Home Improvement 

Thank you to those across the energy industry who have served our country and continue to serve in clean energy professions— you inspire us today and every day. 

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