The Mosaic marketplace creates

substantial value for everyone

We are not a bank, we are a marketplace

Marketplace lending is more efficient

Mosaic's software connects investors that believe in clean energy to borrowers like you. They invest in you, you save.

Mosaic saves you
time & money going solar

Our marketplace lending model connects you with investors that believe in solar and want you to realize the benefits of cheap, clean energy.

Smart App

Apply for and check the status of your solar loan, all from the convenience of your home 24/7.

Easy Process

Our quick approval eliminates paperwork and “middlemen” associated with the traditional bank loan process.

More Savings

Our high tech platform gets you low rates, reduced fees and ultimately saves you both time and money.

Be Happy

98% of clients would recommend the Mosaic solar loan experience based on closed client surveys!

Mosaic’s mission is to
empower millions of people
to prosper from the benefits
of clean energy.

We are part of a global movement to build a more inclusive, resilient and
sustainable economy. Imagine a world where every rooftop is a solar power plant
and every ray of sunshine a source of power.

Mosaic is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, holding
us to a rigorous standard of environmental and social
accountability, performance and transparency.

Community impact

Stories from the mosaic community

"Owning my solar system, with no up-front cost, means more savings, increased home value, and decades of reliable clean energy for my kids. Those are things that I'll always feel good about."

Sarah Borrower Oakland, CA

"Mosaic provides a unique opportunity to earn real returns and make environmental impacts."

Jed Emerson Author Impact review

"Mosaic is usually one of the first places I look to when I want to invest. Mosaic offers one of the highest returns in the market."


"Mosaic is a major part of the rooftop revolution. People powered solar that offers a market rate ROI. Shine on!"


"I would definitely prefer to save for my children's college while funding solar on their future schools. That's pretty incredible to have."


"[Mosaic is] the product I was looking for: a low-maintenance, long-term investment with competitive returns and regular cash flows."


"To create solutions at the scale needed to stop climate change we need everyone to move their money out of fossil fuels and into clean energy. Mosaic is truly helping to make that possible."


"Mosaic is one of the best things to happen to YEP; they allowed us this opportunity to add solar to our facility and now we'll be able to bring sustainability and solar education to over a thousand teens per year."

MICHELE Clark EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Youth Employment partnership

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