The Steps Below Should Give You a Good Idea of What to Expect on Your Clean Energy Journey

1. Find an Installer

If you haven’t already, inquire with your local installer. Just do a quick online search and ask an installer in your area if they offer Mosaic loans.

Our network of certified local installers will be happy to schedule an installation, familiarize you with the process and answer any questions you may have. 



Mosaic Is Active in All 50 States and Washington D.C.


2. Apply and Get Approved

After you’ve talked with a local Mosaic partner, it’s time to complete your credit application and get credit approval. Whether in the home or online, our streamlined credit process happens quickly.

3. Qualify for a Loan

Next is our quick loan application and approval process. This gives you the ability to instantly qualify for no money down loans with fixed interest rates and multiple term options, from the comfort of your own home.

4. System Installed

It’s time to install your system. This is when your installation team comes out to your home, prepares the property and puts up your panels in just a day or two. It’s an exciting time on your journey, as you finally get to see what going solar truly looks like.


5. Getting the Go Ahead

Keep in mind, before your system is powered “on”, the city or county will do its final inspection and your local utility will need to give you Permission to Operate. This is one of the final steps to energy independence.

Don’t forget to follow up with your installer and utility company to ensure that the final steps go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

6. A Simple Way to Pay

So now it’s time for that very first payment, and we know for some, this can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve created our simple, easy to use customer portal. It’s your one stop shop for everything Mosaic. You can make online payments, check your terms, view your balance, access our FAQ pages, reach out for assistance and find nearly everything you need for a frictionless financing experience. And the best part is, as soon as your installation is complete, a login to our online payment page is set up for you.

To access simply:

  • Sign in to your Mosaic portal

  • Select "Manage Payments" from the top-left menu under Home Solar Loan

7. Apply for Your Federal Tax Credit

The Mosaic loan is structured to keep your monthly payments low by using your tax credit (or other savings) to pay down your loan by 30% in the first 18 months. This will lock in your initial monthly payment amount for the duration of your loan term. It’s important that you learn about qualifying for the tax credit and making prepayments on your loan so there are no surprises. 

Click here for more information on this valuable tax credit.