How Solar Attic Fans Work

Solar attic fans work by cycling the air in attic spaces to reduce climate control costs. During the summer months, they remove warm air that gathers underneath the roof. During the winter months, air that is heated inside the home rises toward the attic and can condense once it meets the colder exterior wall and roof surfaces, attic fans work to mitigate both these occurrences by replacing the attic air with ambient air, which is cooler and drier than the existing air space.

Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans can be a good choice for homeowners as they don’t require the installation of any additional wiring and won’t add to the home’s existing power bill. They can also be used to replace existing conventional attic fans in order to cut power costs and generally require no more maintenance than a conventional attic fan, as most solar panels are naturally cleaned by the rain.

Considerations for Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans are available in a variety of specifications and strengths, and are typically rated for airflow and speed using a cubic feet per hour value to indicate how much air they’re able to replace over time. One thing to keep in mind is since the solar panel is only capable of generating electricity during the day, homeowners who wish to replace warm air with cooler air overnight will need to consider a solar + battery solution, which will store power collected during the day to keep the attic fan operating once the sun has set.

Features for Solar Attic Fans

There are a few ways to customize your solar attic fan with unique programmatic settings. Most units are pre-programmed to run at specified intervals, but special features can allow homeowners to set the attic fan to a specific schedule. Many units also include the ability to trigger the fan when certain environmental conditions are met, such as an interior temperature threshold.

Because solar attic fans don’t require an exterior power source and can actively reduce a home’s climate control power bills, they make a good choice for homeowners looking for a home improvement that will save energy and money with a single installation.