Adding batteries to your home energy system allows you to use your solar power when it’s most useful and valuable instead of whenever the sun shines, increasing the value of your rooftop solar system in two big ways.

Solar-Powered Backup

Perhaps the most obviously valuable use of a home battery system is storing backup power in case of an emergency. While most household solar-plus-storage systems aren’t large enough to meet the entirety of household consumption on a typical day, the ability to keep your refrigerator and communications gear powered can make a huge difference during a blackout.

Mosaic offers financing for systems that provide backup power capability, giving you the peace of mind that your solar power will be available no matter what’s going on with the grid.

Maximizing Your Savings From Clean Energy

Batteries can also deliver financial benefits every single day by letting you use and sell your solar power in ways that maximize your savings. The pathway to these savings varies by state:

  • Maximize PV Self-Consumption: Utilities in some states, including Hawaii, now offer less than full retail rates for new home solar customers selling electricity back to the grid. In these cases, batteries allow you to directly use your own solar generation whenever you need it instead of being forced to sell it back to the grid for a lower price.
  • Time-Of-Use Management: Under time-of-use (TOU) pricing in California and other states, electricity prices are higher during the afternoon and early evening and lower overnight. Batteries let you use your solar power in a way that maximizes your savings, drawing on stored electricity during peak hours and on the grid in off-peak hours.
  • Avoiding Demand Charges: Some utilities require customers to pay fees, known as “demand charges,” based on their period of highest power usage or for their consumption during pre-defined peak periods. Battery systems can help avoid these charges by “smoothing” consumption to below the demand charge threshold.

The economic benefits of storage are highly dependent on state regulations. Click here to find out if battery financing is right for you.