Use these simple tools to help grow your business while creating more 100% clean-energy homes in the process.

The Mosaic Financing Portal

We created our portal to be straightforward and sales-friendly, giving you:

An Intuitive user experience

An Elegant user interface

An Automated credit check

A Fully digital loan application workflow

Visibility into A deal's status

Online Document signing

Create a Customized Presentation, Right in the Portal

By entering just a few key pieces of information in the Mosaic portal, you can quickly generate a customized, eye-catching PDF that illustrates the benefits of solar ownership, any savings gained, the structure of Mosaic loan payments, and the environmental impact your customer's system will have over time.   

You can find the loan presentation tool by logging in to your Mosaic account and navigating to the “Opportunities” tab. Once you’ve brought up the opportunity page for a given customer, you can start the process by clicking on the “Generate Presentation” button in the upper right-hand corner. For more detail, watch our loan presentation video tutorial in the “Resources” tab in the portal.

Give Your Customers the Information They Need

The three-page PDF that's created is structured to help you walk your customer through what they can expect when they improve their home with Mosaic, answering many of the most common questions along the way.

The first page serves to introduce them to Mosaic, explaining who we are and the big picture benefits of owning via a loan.

The second page is the heart of the presentation as it breaks down the expected cost savings that provide the core rationale for most homeowners.

The third page of the presentation helps your customer understand important information about how the Mosaic loan is structured.

Do Well by Doing Good

Finally, the presentation closes with estimates of the environmental benefits your customer will create by going solar, expressed in relatable comparisons like taking cars off the road. While the cost savings and structure of the Mosaic loan are most important for your customer to understand, closing with a reminder of the good they’re doing for the planet often plays a big role in getting them to say “Yes.”