Invest directly in solar projects.

Collect repayments with interest.

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Mosaic Platform
Mosaic connects investors to solar projects in need of financing.
Solar Project
Solar Customer
As the solar project produces clean electricity, it generates revenue by selling power to the solar customer.
Solar Project
As the project earns revenue, investors are paid back with interest.
The Mosaic Platform
Your Mosaic Online Account

Investing with Mosaic is easy. Simply sign-in to your Mosaic account anytime to manage and track your investment. As you receive payments from your investment, you can easily re-invest them in new projects or transfer them to your bank account.

Monthly Payments

Every month you will receive monthly payments in your account from your investments. Each payment returns part of your principal investment plus the interest you earned that month.

Platform Fee

Mosaic charges investors a 1% annual platform fee, which is assessed monthly on all assets on the platform. All project listings clearly show the Expected Yield after fees, meaning the yields you see are the yields you will get from projects that perform as expected. Read more about our fees here.

Solar Power Notes

Each investment you make is represented by a Mosaic Note. The note is a written promise to pay a specific sum of money over a fixed term. Each Mosaic Note states how much you loaned to the project and the investment terms.

FDIC Insurance

As you receive payments back from your investments, your cash is kept safely in an 'for benefit of' account that is FDIC-insured up to $250,000. Your money is kept in this account until you choose to invest in new projects or transfer it to your personal bank account.


Each project is described in a Prospectus that is prepared in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission's disclosure requirements and contains all of the important details about your investment. You can access the Prospectus on each project page.

Happy Investors
"Having spent years assessing investments that generate multiple returns, I can say Mosaic provides a unique opportunity to earn real returns and make environmental impacts."
Jed Emerson- co-founder of Impact Assets and author of "Impact Investing"
What the press is saying
"Mosaic is building the world's first online platform for people to profitably invest in solar power projects."