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1.5kW on the Navajo Project in the Navajo Nation, Arizona

Shonto Begay is a leading spokesman for environmental and human rights.His home was one of the 18,000 Navajo homes without electricity until Mosaic’s community came together to power his house with solar. Now Shonto no longer has to paint by the light of an expensive and polluting kerosene generator. Shonto's solar project was supported by an additional $16,000 grant.

Expected Investor Yield
Month Term
Total Amount
FUNDED! This project has reached its investment goal.

Project ID: B6

Size (in kW): 1.5
Annual Estimated Output: 2,500 kWh
Number of Panels: 6  
Panel Type(s): Canadian Solar  
Panel Warranty (yrs): 25  
Inverter Type: Outback Power Systems  
Inverter Warranty (yrs): 5  
Interconnection Date: May 22, 2012  
Name: Shonto Begay
Location (city, state): Navajo Nation  
Type of Solar Customer: Individual
Year of Incorporation: N/A  
Contract Type: Solar Lease
Revenues (2011): N/A  
Assets as of 12/31/2010: N/A  
Liabilities as of 12/31/2010: N/A  
Name: Solar Mosaic Development I, LLC  
Location: Oakland, CA  
Year of Incorporation: 2011  
kW Developed: 73  
Loan Term: N/A
Loan Payment Schedule: N/A
Loan Interest Rate: 0.00%
Revenue Sources: Solar Lease
Debt Service Coverage Ratio: N/A
Debt Service Reserve Fund: N/A
Estimated job hours: 10
Estimated Homes powered in one year: 0.2
Estimated Pounds of CO2 avoided per year: 3,748
Estimated Square Feet of solar created: 111
Payment Number Transaction Date Total Paid Interest Principal