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Why YOU Should Sign up for Community Solar

Yesterday, people power effectively killed a huge threat to the stability of our climate, the Keystone XL Pipeline. It also represented a rare coalition between conservationists and conservatives. Going forward, here’s another thing that citizens of all stripes can agree on: America needs jobs and it needs energy.

Actually, the left and the right have already decided: America needs solar. As you’ve probably heard, solar energy is the fastest growing industry in America and now employs more Americans than both the steel production and coal industries. It’s key to our economic recovery, to our energy security and to the health of our planet.

The question becomes, how do we get it? Many of us don’t own our homes and/or don’t have enough cash to go solar. But, we all probably know some schools, non-profits or places of worship in our communities with big, empty roofs that would be great for solar. Check out this video from our President Billy Parish that explains how it works:

Occupying a rooftop with beautiful solar panels isn’t easy but we’re here to help. We’ve put together a few resources to help you get going:

Sign-up today to help your community go solar at!