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What We’ve Created Together

Today marks a huge milestone for the Solar Mosaic community. We just fully funded St. Vincent de Paul‘s solar project, or “rooftop solar power plant” as our team has begun thinking of them. We’re honored to have partnered with over 400 investors and a few incredible organizations to raise more than $350,000 to build 5 solar power plants on the roofs of: The Asian Resource Center, People’s Grocery, Shonto Begay’s Home, The Murdoch Community Center and now St. Vincent de Paul.

It’s hard to picture such a monumental accomplishment. So here are a few pictures to show you what $350k invested in solar creates:

 More than $600,000 in savings for our project hosts.

Over 2,700 job hours for local construction jobs

Enough clean energy to fully power 12 American homes.

Eliminates the carbon equivalent of 2.4 of these huge gas tanker trucks.

Or the carbon equivalent of planting 4,600 trees, assuming that they grow for 10 years.

We’re thrilled about what we’ve accomplished so far and have some exciting developments on the horizon. Stay tuned.