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Request a Free Solar Quote!

Free Solar Quote, Go Solar at Home

97% of Americans overestimate the cost of installing solar panels. If you’ve ever thought about solar-powering your home or business but figured you couldn’t afford it, think again.

The solar industry has changed in some remarkable ways: Solar panel prices have dropped 80% over the last 5 years and solar leases now allow you to have a system installed on your roof for zero-money down. In many areas of the country, it now costs less to run a building on solar electricity than on the conventional mix of coal, gas and hydro. Solar nerds call it “grid parity” — homeowners just call it “common sense.”

Simply fill out this quick and easy form, and we’ll arrange to have several licensed installers in your area send you a quote for your home or commercial building.

Request Your Free Solar Quote

Think of us as the Expedia or the Kayak for solar–we connect you with multiple installers and you get to choose the best one for your building
$0 Down
You can have a system installed for $0 down. Then, you’ll make a monthly lease payment, usually less than what you used to pay your utility for electricity
No Obligation
With solar prices falling, now is the ideal time to find out if solar makes sense for you– and with our quote system, there is no cost or obligation to find out!

Request Your Free Solar Quote