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The New Age of Energy Campaign

Birksun Solar Backpack

Do you know which industry has created 3.4 million jobs? Or what the only thing Republicans and Democrats can agree upon is? Which industry has had hundreds of billions of dollars invested in it over the past five years by the likes of Warren Buffett?

The answer to all of these questions is clean energy.

In order to inform people and build excitement around the transition to clean energy, Mosaic is profiling a new clean energy development each day this week in our “New Age of Energy” campaign. Vote below to let us know what excites you the most about the New Age of Energy and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a BirkSun Solar Backpack. Share this exciting development with your friends and carry the backpack you win as a badge of your clean energy pride wherever you go. Here’s what we’ll be profiling:

Monday: Clean energy has created millions of jobs

Tuesday: Famous conservatives are vocally supporting renewables

Wednesday: Clean energy is a better investment than you think

Thursday: Clean energy is beating fossil fuels with six times fewer subsidies 

Friday: Solar is 99% cheaper than it used to be

Saturday: More people than ever have access to clean energy

Sunday: Germany leads the world in solar and gets as much sun as Alaska

Shine on!