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Business Built on the 99%

Imagine that you’re standing at the front of a town hall, filled with everyone who has ever known you, friended you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter. You stand in front of all of these people and give your pitch for the crazy, brilliant and courageous idea that you’ve been dreaming of. If these people like your idea, they can invest in your company and benefit financially if you succeed or lose a few bucks if you fail. This is the power of crowdfunding, entrepreneurs harnessing the power of the crowd, increasingly through online platforms, to give wings to their ideas.

For far too long, antiquated laws and the ensuing red tape has severely limited the ability of entrepreneurs in the United States to crowdfund. Fortunately, there is now a bill in Congress to change that. The Crowdfunding Act, HR2930, eases that red tape and helps get capital flowing to community entrepreneurs so that we can create jobs.

Entreprenuers all over the country are ready to pick up the pieces where the banks left our economy. If you can, take 5 minutes to call your senator and tell them ,“I stand in unison with our nation’s entrepreneurs, the job creators, who are looking to crowdfunding to solve the capital crisis facing them so they can innovate. Crowdfunding is legal in other countries. It should be here as well so that America stays competitive.”