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24 Hours to Stand Up for People-Powered Energy

Mosaic is not a political organization. We were founded to connect people to tangible and profitable solar investments that matter. But sometimes this commitment to people-powered clean energy means that we need to take a stand.

The U.S. Senate could vote as early as Tuesday on a deal that would greenlight construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. After President Obama rejected the pipeline last month, a number of oil-soaked Senators are rushing to resurrect it in order to protect their bottom line with campaign donors at Big Oil.

America needs jobs and we need energy but Keystone is not the answer. We’re supporting a push by the environmental movement to send over half a million messages to the Senate by Tuesday at noon.

Stand up for people-powered clean energy and send a message right now to the Senate:


Make sure that everyone else you know does the same thing. The arguments by now are clear:  This pipeline won’t create jobs (that’s why the biggest labor unions in the country support the President). It puts the heartland of the country at risk from spills — the kind of leaks that devastated the Yellowstone and Kalamazoo Rivers in the year past. Organizations and companies like Mosaic all over the world are proving that we can create a thriving economy powered by clean energy.

Please send a message to the Senate today