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  • A Bet on the Environment

    "the company functions like a virtual renewable energy bank, soliciting investments for solar projects and making loans to be paid back, typically, over about 10 is poised to grow, with deals in the works that would allow investors to use money from retirement accounts like 401(k)'s and I.R.A.'s."

  • Want to Invest a Few Hundred Bucks in a Solar Project?

    "Mosaic is benefiting from the growing comfort people have with investing online, in general, and with peer-to-peer investment platforms, such as and At the same time, there are more and more solar installations in need of financing. For solar developers, financing that comes from Mosaic would be more flexible and cheaper than that from a bank."

  • Mosaic's Crowdfunding Beats Treasuries with a 4.5% Return

    "Mosaic, which operates an online service that lets individuals fund solar projects, said investors can earn a 4.5 percent return on rooftop power plants, better than 10-year Treasuries that currently yield about 1.9 percent."

  • Bond strategy: Sell Treasurys,, like Buffett?

    "Renewable a real asset, and on the assumption the PPA is of good quality, it should have low beta and uncorrelated yield" - Paul Simon, Family Office for Lord Stanley Fink

  • Crowdsourcing Our Economic Recovery

    "Instead of earning close to nothing on your money at a bank, you can directly invest in things that offer solid returns and create real or lasting value...Together, we can crowdsource investments in American infrastructure and create 21st-century energy jobs." - Van Jones

  • Start-up Launches to Crowdfund Solar Projects

    "Want to invest in a clean-energy future? Forget the rhetoric, now you can--literally...For as little as $25, non-accredited investors (yep, just regular people!) in New York and California--as well as accredited investors around the country--can log on to Mosaic, review solar projects that need cash, and make direct investments in projects' developers."

  • Dept. of Energy Throws Millions at a Startup trying to take Solar Mainstream

    "The U.S. Department of Energy wants normal Americans to start using solar energy in their everyday lives. To that end, it's just granted $2 million to Solar Mosaic..."

  • My Latest Investment: The Sun

    "It isn't seeking donations, and it's not offering silly rewards like tote bags or invitations to launch parties. Rather, it's offering fixed financial returns, much like a corporate bond, or a bond backed by a mortgage. It's an example of financial engineering meeting electrical engineering."

  • You Can Now Make Money Helping the US Military Convert to Solar Power

    "...a new way to finance solar energy. As lucrative US tax breaks for solar and wind projects fall from 30% to 10% at the end of 2016, they will become less attractive to big banks and corporate investors currently bankrolling commercial and residential solar projects. Enter the mom-and-pop investor."

  • Mosaic Offers Solar Crowdfunding

    "Much like crowdfunding pioneer Kickstarter, Mosaic connects small-scale investors with projects in need of money. Solar developers bring installation projects to Mosaic, whose staff screens them for creditworthiness. Those that make the cut are offered to investors on the Mosaic website."

  • Promises of a Rooftop Revolution

    "Financing is the first and final word on solar projects. And in these straitened economic times, one company in San Francisco's Bay Area is aiming to spark a rooftop solar revolution."

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a place to grow your money by investing in clean energy infrastructure.

Mosaic Details

Founders: Billy Parish, Dan Rosen, Arthur Coulston and Steve Richmond

HQ: Oakland, CA

Launch Date: April 15th, 2011

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