What is Recheck? 

The recently announced Recheck verification platform for the residential solar industry will bring transparency to the great work solar professionals do by offering an industry-wide registry of solar salespeople and installers to support the highest standards of customer experience for families nationwide wanting to transition to clean energy.

As an industry leader, Mosaic is committed to implementing homeowner safeguards and supporting our contractors with best-in-class practices. We’ve also been advocating industry-wide solutions since 2019, which is why we’re excited to be one of the first participating members of Recheck.

Here’s a quick three-question FAQ to help you familiarize yourself with Recheck.

What is Recheck?

  • Recheck is a new verification platform for solar professionals. Sales reps and installers go through an ID verification process to create their unique Recheck ID.
  • After verification, participating sales reps have the ability to complete an objective third-party upcoming standards certification from Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). A Recheck ID can confirm credentials including if the ID is valid and soon also any state licenses and verified certifications.
  • Recheck is supported by SEIA and nearly all the top U.S. residential solar financing companies, contractors and technology partners, and will help strengthen customer experiences for families nationwide who want to transition to clean energy alternatives.

How does Recheck work? 

Recheck ID works within your business and across the industry.

Recheck ID graphic-1600x580

Recheck IDs are used on sales platforms, stamped
on documents and used to look up sales rep profiles.

  • After a solar professional gets their ID, homeowners will be able to verify sales reps in Recheck with the ID number. The Recheck ID validates solar professionals and can increase consumer understanding and confidence for those looking to make clean energy investments.
  • Mosaic’s implementation of the Recheck ID is in progress and we plan to go live later this year. We are working to streamline the Recheck ID process associated with our current sales rep and installer network, making sure that solar financing stays simple for both the pros and the homeowners.
  • You can learn more about the process on the Recheck site.

What are the benefits of Recheck?

Recheck will benefit homeowners, professionals and the solar industry at large:

  • Recheck helps solar professionals build credibility with homeowners.
  • Recheck brings more accountability to the solar sales process, and strengthens the customer experience.
  • Participation in the Recheck verification system is one of the many actions we can all take to strengthen industry-wide consumer protections and ensure the residential solar industry continues to thrive across the country.
  • Recheck is working with SEIA to drive higher standards of excellence in the industry. SEIA is developing standards and certifications that will be available in the future and visible on Recheck profiles. The SEIA certifications will be a great way for professionals to boost their reputation and display their expertise.

Financing applied for and processed through the Mosaic platform is originated by Solar Mosaic LLC or one of its lending/financing partners. Equal Housing Lender

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