The Mosaic Home Solar Loan

With an easy credit check and loan application process, we like to think our loan is the best in the business. We offer competitive interest rates and an appealing variety of tenors, and our monthly payment is intended to be as frictionless as possible. We also work very hard to clearly explain some of the more complex aspects of the loan, like how the federal Tax Credit factors into the structure, and what customers have to do to realize its benefits. Plus, our world-class account management and customer care are always there to answer any questions you have. 

The Mosaic Software Platform

We created our platform to be straightforward and user-friendly, matching the simplicity with which we designed our loan products.

  • Fully digital loan application workflow

  • Online signing of documents

  • Robust homeowner portal where customers can make payments, check loan balances, and find answers to common questions

  • Intuitive user experience

  • Elegant user interface

  • Automated credit check

In short, the Mosaic home solar loan and software platform make it easy for you to help homeowners go solar and control their energy costs, benefiting you and your customers' bottom line.

Your Customers Save Money

The Mosaic home solar loan is structured so the monthly payment is lower than their electrical bill, saving the average Mosaic customer $30,550* over the life of their solar energy system, sometimes starting right from the time the system is installed. And when they own their own system, they claim all the savings, from the federal tax credit to any state or local incentives. They could also see an increase in the resale value of their home, which, for some, can be as much as $20,000 according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

We All Help the Planet

Offering more than just the ability to control energy costs and save money, the transition to energy efficiency, happening all over the world, is aiding the growing push for millions of people to prosper from clean energy. In fact, if they were to join in and become a part of the growing clean energy industry today, over the next 25 years their system would offset 121,676 lbs of carbon (CO2), the equivalent of:






*Savings are based on savings of Mosaic borrowers from 11/3/2014 - 9/30/16 using our 20-year choice rate loan product. Savings depend on credit profile, timely monthly payments and making the prepayment target. Savings are calculated by (Electricity bill before solar) - (Bill after solar + Mosaic loan payment). Savings may vary above or below the average rate based on geography and weather variability particular to your jurisdiction. We assume a solar panel life span of 30 years, a decline in panel production of 0.5% per year, inverter replacements at years 10 and 20, and retail electricity rates increasing 2.18% per year. (National average utility bill increase of 2.18% based on EIA data for the last reported 20 years, nationally (1997-2017.)